Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here I am, playing my harp at a Spoken Word performance at the 40th Street Stage, Norfolk, VA, on Aug. 6, 2006. It was my first appearance with the City Arts Poets. The first poem I performed that night, as a way of introducing myself to the world of performance poetry, appears below, serving as well to introduce myself to you, the readers of my blog.


I will start
to unpack
my sack
of all I have learned
and saved from my life.

I will lay
side by side
in a row
all those memories
I'd like you to know--

all the dreams
I have lived,
all the marvels
the laughter
at dawn
after fear
all night long.

I will start
to unwrap
my heart,
loose oceans
of feelings
from true
and false dealings

into words,
a few choice phrases
I'll scatter
behind me
so down
through the ages

can recover
the one fact
of time:
it moves
in circles,
in a line.


At 7:36 AM , Anonymous Kristen Kirk said...

Delaney, your poem is beautiful and so is the line "I have satisfied my soul." Thank you for sharing this. Kristen

At 10:24 AM , Anonymous lou in lancaster said...

hey d
congratulations on your new blog! what a great idea! blogging seems to be an almost perfect outlet for the new millennial bard. i'm somewhat of a blog-addict so i'll be a regular here.
i love the poem, it's very evocative and tantalizing. i can wait to hear all the wonderful stuff you unpack for us.


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