Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trump and Envy

Nov. 21, 2015--Journal Entry

            We’re coming into Thanksgiving week, one of my favorite times of the year. I love the sense of holidays approaching, and it all begins next week, or really now, the Friday night before.
            I watched a bit of Barbara Walters’ interview with Donald Trump on TV earlier. I think he’s popular because he’s a projection for most Americans of what they wish they could be—rich with a big family of attractive young descendants (to a few different wives) and a blunt way of speaking that ridicules all the people in power who nobody really likes and who half or more didn’t vote for. Didn’t even vote at all. Now Trump seems to be someone different. But mostly—my theory—they see him as an enviable figure. They identify with him through their own ambitions.
            Maybe there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe success in doing global business is the Aquarian model. I wouldn’t be surprised, actually. The world is always vulgar as well as splendid, and it may be that Trump is both. But if it’s Trump vs. Hillary next year, it will be hard for me to take the election seriously. Both are suspect in my mind. And unfortunately it looks as if Bernie is losing ground. That’s a shame because he’s the only one whose platform I really respect. For one thing, he’s clean. He comes from the heart, but he’s very up on the details. Soon I suspect his horoscope will become available, and more will be revealed. But his chances right now seem to be dimming.


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